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7 VoIP Solutions for Your Small Business

VoIP Solutions for Your Small Business

One of the most basic services that any business needs is a phone so that customers can reach them. While voice is a service that has been commonplace for decades the VoIP services that are offered today provide greater benefits and flexibility than any voice services before. We will explore 7 VoIP solutions for small business and further discuss the features that you may value as a small business owner.

VoIP Solutions

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This list of small business VoIP should give you a starting point. You should gain an understanding of the features are are available. Also, this will help you to set your budget as you try to plan for your deployment. Although the main features are similar across providers you will need to define your own business to match to best provider.

  • RingCentral is a cloud VoIP phone system that offers voice, text, video conference and fax services in their small business plans. You can rent a phone or use their iOS or Android apps. They offer 24×7 support and integrate with several popular companies like Microsoft, Google, Box, Salesforce and Zendesk. Check out the RingCentral Small Business VoIP plans and features.
  • Vonage is heavy on the third party integrations. You can leverage your existing GSuite, Office365, Salesforce or Slack systems just to name a few. They offer all of the common VoIP features like voice, text, fax and conferencing. The Mobile plan is a great place to start if your small business doesn’t require desk phone and just want to use the mobile and desktop apps.
  • Grasshopper can be accessed with a free desktop or mobile app. Their VoIP service includes voice, text and fax. The entry level plan includes 1 line and 3 extensions while the small business plan gets you 5 lines and unlimited extensions. Grasshopper allows you to handle multiple calls by routing them to the other extensions. Check out their VoIP plans and find the perfect fit for your business.
  • Ooma is a VoIP system for small business that functions more like a traditional phone system. It is still cloud based and provides voice, text and fax. Ooma provides a free mobile app but they also offer several IP desk phone options for a more traditional office setup. You can also connect a physical fax machine via a base station. Call recording is also available. You can view a full list of features and pricing here.
  • MegaPath is a service provider that has VoIP options for any situation. They offer unified communications that includes voice and video calling, text, chat, presence and conferencing all in one. MegaPath can utilize your existing PRI or analog lines or provide a fully hosted VoIP system or SIP trunk. This would probably not be my first choice for a solo user. However, they have a great offering for many small businesses.
  • Jive includes the same great features that most other cloud based VoIP services provide. However, they say that they don’t limit features the way others do. Jive has has VoIP solutions across several industries and an offering specifically for small business. You can learn more about their pricing and features here.
  • Nextiva is a business VoIP system and Customer Relationship Management system all in one. Nextiva offers the same voice, text, fax and conferencing that others offer but they set themselves apart with their CRM. That said, many of the other VoIP systems integrate with third party services like Salesforce. If your small business already has a CRM this is probably not for you but if you don’t this may just check off two of your todo items. Learn more about pricing and features.


You really can’t go wrong with any of these VoIP options. The size and function of your business will likely determine which VoIP service is best for your small business. Most offer free trials so feel free to try them out and choose the one that offers you the most functionality.