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My name is Jonathan Higginbotham an I am a tech professional in the education and small business sectors with 15 years of experience. I have always been a tech enthusiast and this was a natural choice as a profession.

I operate a small business as a tech consultant providing IT services, web hosting and design for individuals and small businesses. I am also an IT manager in public education. The best part of my work is the experience of helping others to accomplish their goals.

People often asked for help with tech issues that I’m sure many others are also experiencing. These may be simple questions like “what computer should I buy” or “How do I protect myself online”. While the questions are simple the answers can be complicated. Follow up questions are often required and the answers can be more technical than some people can remember until they get to the store or back home.

That is why I created, a blog with simple articles that cover topics that individuals and small business owners will find useful. The blog is a brain dump of information that I have acquired over the years as I try to answer the questions that get during my daily routine.