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How To Check Work Email From iPhone

How To Check Work Email From iPhone

If you would like to check your work email from your iPhone you will need to know a few key pieces of information. Identifying this information may be your biggest challenge but should be pretty easy to overcome. The process is pretty similar in most cases and we will cover most of the options here for you.

The first step toward being able to check your work email from your iPhone is to identify the type of account that you will need to add. It will be one of the following.

Adding Your Work Email Account

iPhone Add Account
  • iCloud
  • Exchange
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Aol.
  • Other

If you are reading this it’s probably because your situation is not as simple as having a work email address that ends with or The reason for this is that most companies like to look professional and they use a custom domain name like even if their work email service is hosted with google or Hopefully your company has some helpful documentation or a technical contact that can tell you the answer to this but if not just know that Exchange, Google and Other are probably the most common.

Other. What exactly does that mean. Well, the main account options on iPhone provide some sort of advanced features, but email does conform to a standard that can be accessed via the “other” option. This option will require more information besides your username and password. You will need the POP/IMAP and SMTP server addresses and ports for your work email server.

Third Party Apps For Work Email

Many email providers also offer their own app if you don’t want to use the iPhone’s built-in Mail app. You will get an experience that is more closely integrated with the provider’s platform that takes advantage of all their features. The only downside is that you will lose some of the integrations with iOS and other apps. Apple’s iPhone is getting better about not treating third party apps like second class citizens but its still not perfect. iPhone apps are available for Google, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook.

Switching Between Email Accounts

iPhone Select Mailbox

If you do decide to use the iPhone Mail app and you have a personal email account setup you will need to know how to swap between your accounts for checking and sending email. You can view your work email accounts individually or as a combined mailbox. Tapping the back button in the Mail app will take you back to the main screen where you can select the mailbox and folder that you wish to view.

iPhone Select Email Address

You will also need to select the appropriate email account to “send as” when you compose new messages on your iPhone. This will avoid confusion for you and the people that you correspond with. The app should automatically select the correct account when you reply to emails but be careful when you compose new messages.